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Lucas Venture Group is a second generation venture capital firm focused on investments of $1,000,000-$5,000,000. Our focus spans e-commerce, networking, software analytics, and transformative medical device companies. This approach combined with smaller sized funds creates rare flexibility. Our unique network cultivated over multiple decades of involvement in venture capital produces exceptional access to financial and intellectual capital for both our investors and our entrepreneurs.

At Lucas Venture Group, we believe that a handshake is a powerful contract, that who you invest with is as important as what you invest in and that "venture capital" is not a dirty word. We believe that making the world better is as important as making a profit, that creating jobs and helping companies flourish is satisfying work.

We believe in taking risks and working hard in connecting people and making contributions.
We believe in venture capital.

LVG was founded by second-generation venture capitalist Donald A. Lucas, who grew up in an environment steeped in the entrepreneurial spirit in Silicon Valley. He has spent his entire professional career focused on investing in private companies, working with entrepreneurs and their management teams, leveraging his vast network to create value throughout all stages of investments.

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The LVG network is populated with top CEOs and CFOs, senior economists, scientists and engineers, serial entrepreneurs, operating executives and angel investors. These advisors, captains of industry, scholars and inventors participate regularly providing valuable input, evaluation, problem solving or leadership to strengthen a board. This collaborative approach and the strength of the power behind this unique collective is one of LVG's most distinguishing factors.

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