LVG Team - Jack Lucas

Jack Lucas

General Partner

Jack Lucas is a 3rd generation venture capitalist and general partner at Lucas Venture Group. He officially joined the LVG Team in 2016 but has engaged with startups, technology, and venture capital his entire life. Jack grew up in Atherton, California and attended Menlo School where he excelled at water polo and computer science. Jack then graduated with a B.S. in Economics and a German minor from Duke University in 2016.

Professionally, he has worked for six startups across various roles in business intelligence and finance, product and project management, CNC machining, software engineering and system administration. Through these roles he developed a strong financial and operational capability to acutely understand and help LVG and its portfolio companies succeed. Jack is currently a board observer at Reputation, The Lucas Brothers Foundation, and California Organic Fertilizers, Inc. In his free time Jack enjoys surfing, bodysurfing, guitar, hiking, photography, gardening and reading.