LVG Team - Sarah Lucas

Sarah Lucas

Managing General Partner

Sarah Lucas is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, producer, and a passionate philanthropist based in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. She has been involved in a variety of industries, including technology, healthcare, entertainment, education, research and development and is dedicated to change on a global scale.

As the Managing General Partner at Lucas Venture Group and an Advisor at Celesta Capital, she works with a diverse group of founders and their teams to build transformative companies within the framework of impact and sustainability. Her experience as an operator has made her an asset to the startup ecosystem, and she is known for her ability to mentor founders, identify promising startups, and nurture their expansion.

In 2020, she co-founded a premium ocean wellness company with Jill Belasco, and Ashlan and Philippe Cousteau, aimed to develop restorative, marine-based products. This venture uniquely aligns her pursuit of transformative change with a deep commitment to ocean health, fostering sustainability, job growth, and biodiversity at the heart of each product.

Sarah is not only also a passionate entrepreneur, but a dedicated philanthropist. Inspired by her daughter Mary’s diagnosis in 1998, she has channeled substantial efforts in the Type 1 diabetes space. She co-founded Beyond Type 1 and in her former role as CEO, spearheaded the creation of the world’s largest digital diabetes community. In addition, her efforts have raised millions of dollars for Bay Area and national organizations focused on youth, health, and education.

Through her work in film and media, Sarah seeks to shed light on important issues and raise awareness about topics often overlooked. She has also been involved in the production of documentaries, including “Pay or Die,” (2023), which examines the devastating impact of soaring insulin prices in the United States and how it exemplifies the broader healthcare crisis in the country.

Sarah’s true north remains her commitment to the principles of equity, justice and creating a lasting legacy for her four children. Her unwavering dedication to these ideals is fortified by an unyielding belief in the power of innovation and compassion, fueling her pursuit of a brighter tomorrow for future generations.